Category: WordPress Plugins

  • i-AdMe Referrals

    released 02/10/2020 Admin interface – style Correct log warnings Add option to allow visitors (not logged-in users) to send referrals released 06/20/2017 Custom WordPress plugin

  • BCDTBP Plugin

    released 1/6/2022 Fix issues with incorrect guid generated for new ads, when user is allowed to create multiple ads: A page with shortcode [iAdMeadlba] must have the custom field bcdtbp_page=ad_list A page with custom_field bcdtbp_page=ad_new must be created to use the 2 step new ad form released 1/9/2020 Add new function that generates vcard. Place…

  • LVWS Login

    released 12/6/2019 Fix: login_headertitle is deprecated since version 5.2.0! released 11/20/2019

  • LVWS Simple Scheduler

    released 04/30/2020 deprecate database conversion fix notices issued when E_ALL is on fix calendar date display issue released 11/15/2019 create tabs in Admin allow 2 registrations per day convert database content to allow multiple registrations per day new calendar styling released 10/28/2019 add calendar in Admin released 9/18/2019 add option to delete a scheduled date…

  • LVWS Scripts

    release date: 12/5/2019 fix undefined index notices release date: 7/25/2019 HTML script change: increase textarea height and width

  • LVWS SE Plugin

    The new mini search engine plugin for WordPress developed by the LVWS team can be purchased for $500.00. The LVWS team provides customization if requested.